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High quality, authentic Turkish towels and home linens. Woven, for you.

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What is Traditional Turkish Bath Towel?

Also known as peshtemal, traditional Turkish bath towel is the lightweight cotton wrap used in Turkish baths, hamams, for centuries. Typically, one would use peshtemal to cover up waist down during the bath and then to dry off at the end of the bath. 

         It is so good because you can: 

Multi-use as a towel or wrap, an after shower cover-up, pareo over a swimsuit, even as a decorative throw. Washes easily, dries quickly. It absorbs as much water as quickly as a towel. Lightweight and elegant. Save space in your closet and in your bag. Use it anywhere: in the bathroom or the kitchen, at the beach or the fitness, at pools, saunas, spas or trips.

         Each piece is woven on traditional looms with 100% cotton. Made in Turkey. At Antiochia, we rely on the proven goodness of centuries-old techniques. We make the quality authentic textiles for you; at our facilities in Denizli, Turkey.