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Here at Antiochia, our philosophy is simple: to provide our customers with high quality, authentic home textiles by relying on the proven goodness of centuries-old techniques.

Our Turkish towels are handwoven on traditional looms with 100% cotton in the well-known textile town of Denizli, Turkey. All our products are guaranteed to be environmentally-friendly, cruelty‐free, and all-natural. We are also proud to partner with several women's foundations in Turkey who aim to support efforts that ensure women are economically independent and improve the quality of their lives in urban and rural communities. At Antiochia, we work directly with local women’s groups at various stages of our production.


What is a traditional Turkish bath towel?

Also known as a peshtemal, a traditional Turkish bath towel is the lightweight cotton wrap that has been used in Turkish baths (hamams) for centuries. Typically, one would use a peshtemal to cover up from the waist down during the bath and then to dry off at the end of the bath. 

Turkish towels are excellent for modern day living as well because they have so many uses. It can be used as a bath towel, an after shower cover-up, a wrap over a swimsuit, and even as a decorative throw. Because it is lightweight, it washes easily, dries quickly and saves space in your closet or gym bag. But despite its compact size, it absorbs as much water and as quickly as a typical towel. Turkish towels can be used anywhere – from the bathroom, kitchen or gym to the beach, pool or spa – and take up little room in your luggage when packing for a trip

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